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in action.

We build great products, but we also build great teams. We treat each other like family and celebrate our achievements together, which makes Mitchell Plastics a very rewarding place to build a career.

Our workplace culture at Mitchell encourages direct and respectful dialogue, because good teamwork and open lines of communication go hand in hand.

Mitchell’s success comes from being customer focused. Every team has the same priority – to understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations. As teams and individuals we hold ourselves accountable, and we gain satisfaction from setting our goals high and doing our best to surpass them.

Find your place in a diverse environment.

The Four D's

Mitchell’s culture can be summed up in four words.


Working with energy and passion, tackling challenges head-on, being a role model for others.


Striving for continuous improvement, committing to professional growth, motivating co-workers to be resilient and embrace change.


Making decisions and solving problems through analysis, maximizing the return on time, talent, energy, and resources.


Anticipating customer expectations, implementing practical ideas to achieve best-in-class performance.


Rise with the challenge.

Mitchell has a 20-year history of successful business growth. We want our employees to grow along with us, which is why we support them in the development of knowledge and skills that contribute to a rewarding career.

We offer clear pathways to a variety of leadership roles, and we encourage all our employees to explore the full range of opportunities within Mitchell to find the best fit for their strengths and aspirations.

Our expanding footprint in North America and beyond also opens the door to mobility among our different facilities. Where there’s growth, there’s always new opportunity.


Investing in our employees from day one.

Every Mitchell new hire begins in one of our Training Centers for a multi-day orientation that introduces our culture and provides a foundation for success. After they’ve learned about the range of our products and processes, we prepare each person for their specific role through hands-on instruction and mentoring.

Our Training Centers also deliver ongoing technical training, skills upgrades, and leadership development. We offer a variety of apprenticeship and specialization opportunities. And when we introduce new technologies or procedures, we ensure employees receive timely on-the-job instruction so they benefit immediately from improved workflows.


“Be smart, be wise, safety saves lives.”

It goes without saying that the safety of every employee is paramount. Our safety culture is one of the first things our new team members learn about, with detailed instruction on best practices and protocols. Safety courses and upgrades are an important part of the curriculum at our Training Centers as well.

We take a team approach to safety. We watch out for each other. During the annual Safety Week activities at each of our facilities, our employees refresh their knowledge and practise their safety skills in creative and entertaining ways.


Standardization, documentation, consistency.

Our products are “appearance-critical.” Our customers have high expectations…and it’s our job to satisfy them. That’s why everyone at Mitchell cares deeply about quality. Our QA processes ensure that every product at every facility is consistently manufactured to the highest standards. Continuous monitoring and regular quality audits ensure we stay on track.

But quality isn’t just about systems. It’s also about people. Every team plays a crucial role in quality assurance. We give them the best processes, the best tools, and the best training, and they in turn make sure that every part they make is exceptional.

Committed to
our customers.


Doing more
with less.

Efficiency isn’t just good business. Efficiency means less energy consumed, fewer materials required, less waste produced – key outcomes for a sustainable future.

But efficiency is just one aspect of our sustainability mindset. We make significant investments in technologies that improve our sustainability profile. Since 2012 we’ve generated 730K kWh annually from multiple solar arrays. And in 2018 we added two lithium ion battery banks to cut back on our peak power consumption.

We also conform to all applicable environmental regulations and standards, and we work only with suppliers who do the same.

Reduction to solvent disposal through closed-loop solvent recycling
Reduction in power consumption by moulding machines through conversion to hybrid drives
Reduction to colour change paint waste through implementation of soft air purge
Reduction in power consumption for compressed air through installation of VFD compressors
Reduction in paint line VOC through implementation of electrostatic paint systems
Reduction in lighting power usage by installation of LED lighting

A culture of caring.


Community in a workplace develops naturally when people are valued and share a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We do everything we can to nurture that spirit of community. Throughout the year we sponsor special events at all our facilities so we can appreciate each other and have fun together.

Mitchell’s sense of community reaches beyond our own walls. We have a charitable giving initiative that encourages our employees to apply for assistance for local charities that they are directly involved in. Together we support meaningful causes and give back to the communities where we live and work.