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Innovation is

We design and manufacture the components that give each automotive interior its unique character. Our commitment to innovation informs every aspect of our business. It’s a mindset and a strategy.

We promise our customers that we’ll be creative in our approach to design and engineering, and proactive in our search for technologies that deliver more options and better efficiencies. And we’ll do that competitively, without sacrificing quality.

When a component is
well made, you feel it.

Inside Mitchell

Continuous improvement.

“Innovation inside” is a lot more than a slogan. It tells the story of what we do at Mitchell Plastics: make industry-leading components for automotive interiors. More importantly, “innovation inside” tells the story of who we are.

We have a passion for innovation. Instead of just repeating ourselves, we’re always looking for improvement, because that brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Innovation is intrinsic to the way we run our business – our approach to problem-solving; our design and engineering methodology; our manufacturing technologies. Innovation is a source of pride, and it’s the foundation for our growth.

The Future Starts Here

with purpose.

Mitchell is a privately-owned company with an entrepreneurial culture. Our success gives us operational stability and a solid base for expanding our business and exploring new opportunities.

We’re continually investing in new technologies that deliver additional design options or manufacturing efficiencies. These investments help us stay competitive – an advantage that benefits our customers as well.

Bringing the future
one step closer.


It’s always the right
time to get better.

Explore the interactive timeline

Started as Ultra Manufacturing Ltd. in Waterloo Ontario manufacturing injection moulded components

1997: Started as Ultra Manufacturing Ltd. in Waterloo Ontario manufacturing injection moulded components

A/C outlet manufacturing and painting


Corporate amalgamation with Mitchell Plastics


Troy Sales Office


Hydrographic decorating operation

2004: Hydrographic decorating operation

Huntsville Alabama manufacturing operation

2005: Huntsville Alabama manufacturing operation

Moved Waterloo operation to larger manufacturing facility

2006: Moved Waterloo operation to larger manufacturing facility

Japan Sales Office

2007: Japan Sales Office

China Tooling Office

2011: China Tooling Office

Charlestown Indiana operation

2013: Charlestown Indiana operation

Querétaro Mexico operation

2014: Querétaro Mexico operation

Added UltraWrap process


Sterling Heights operation; new corporate headquarters

2017: Sterling Heights operation; new corporate headquarters

Saltillo Mexico operation

2018: Saltillo Mexico operation

Huntsville operation expanded

2019: Huntsville operation expanded

Querétaro operation expanded

2020: Querétaro operation expanded

The automotive industry is intensely competitive. Growth isn’t an option, it’s essential for a company that wants to thrive. That’s why we’ve continually expanded our infrastructure, our capabilities, and our footprint.

From our base in Canada we’ve added plants in the US and Mexico, increasing our output and improving logistics for our customers. We continue to build manufacturing capacity at our existing locations, and Mitchell offices in Germany, Japan, and China give us a global presence as well.

Innovation starts
with R&D.

Research & Development

At Mitchell, we believe that effective R&D depends on a balance between open-minded creativity and disciplined analysis. We’re always looking at new materials and technologies and evaluating the potential advantages they can deliver for us and our customers.