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The Drive
to Deliver.

We design, engineer, and manufacture precision components for automotive interiors.

From our beginnings in 1997, it’s been our goal to keep expanding and upgrading our capabilities and technical expertise. We’ve achieved that by taking on new challenges and solving them.

Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for excellence and dependability. We’re a go-to supplier of consoles, air registers, decorative trim, and many other interior components.

Our successes have taught us that customers benefit when they have the broadest range of options at their disposal, and we’re confident that our unique mix of design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities differentiates us in a very competitive global environment.

But we’re not resting on that success. We’re always driving to deliver better results, for our customers and ourselves.


Data is the raw material for design.

When a customer knows exactly what they want, we engineer and manufacture to spec. But it’s even more satisfying to be invited in at the design stage to develop innovative approaches and options.

Mitchell’s design solutions are always engineering-driven. We know injection moulding – the tooling, the processes, the materials, the tolerances. Our designers transform raw ideas into CAD models that are refined, precisely detailed, and in their own way even beautiful.

Cost effectiveness is a key objective of our design process. We take pride in translating our engineering expertise and our unique set of manufacturing capabilities into a competitive advantage for our customers.


Engineering excellence from concept to completion.

At Mitchell, engineering expertise is critical – in fact, you could say it defines us as a business.

We see ourselves as problem-solvers, and our benchmarks for efficiency, consistency, precision, and quality are extremely high. Our engineers, like everyone at Mitchell, are personally invested in the achievement of excellent results.

Good engineering reaches beyond quantitative facts, because the whole is always more than the sum of its parts. We know our products ultimately help to generate the emotional response people feel for their vehicles, and that’s a source of inspiration for all of us.

Program Management

Full transparency, no surprises.

The production of any part, from the simplicity of a bin mat to the complexity of a luxury console, kicks off with a rigorous planning procedure that examines every aspect of the product development cycle. Under the direction of our Program Managers, cross-functional teams work up recommendations that we review thoroughly in-house and then share with the customer.

We prioritize efficient workflows. Our best-practice tracking and reporting systems facilitate teamwork, accountability, and decisiveness. Because we pay attention to every detail, we’re confident about delivering on the promises we make to our customers.


In its life cycle a mould will produce millions of precision parts – so performance and durability are absolutely crucial.

The engineering of tooling is a core part of our business. We have a complete in-house mould-making facility where every phase of developing a mould is carefully mapped out and executed. Our team of expert tool makers also implements the maintenance protocols that ensure every mould remains production ready.

is repeatable.


As a tier-one supplier, we work directly with some of the best-regarded automotive brands in the world. The benchmarks we set for ourselves are intentionally high, because we compete in a global market and we aim to excel.

We offer our customers efficient solutions for the manufacturing of complex components: we design, make, decorate, and assemble them all under one roof. Our combination of production flexibility, quality, and reliability is world-class.

Under one roof.


True to our promise of “innovation inside,” we’ve made significant investments in a variety of leading-edge decorative technologies. This not only allows our customers to explore an expansive range of trim patterns and textures, but also delivers production efficiencies for customizing vehicle trim lines.

Our Innovation Centre showcases our capabilities in hydrographics, applique, and our Ultra range of processes (UltraForm®, UltraEtch®, UltraWrap®, UltraTherm®). They’ve been an important factor in our success…and thanks to our ongoing R&D program, there’s more innovation to come.